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    Dr. Michael Arata graduated from the University of California San Francisco. He did his internship at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and completed his residency program at Duke University Hospital. He also attended two fellowship training programs. He is specialized in Radiology and board certified in Diagnostic Radiology. Dr. Arata has been in practice for more than 20 years and is affiliated with the Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center. During his career, he has also contributed to 4 clinical research publications.

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  • Education & Training


    University of California San Francisco

    Medical School


    Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital



    Duke University Hospital



    University of Pennsylvania



    Metabolic Medicine Institute


  • Board Certifications

    American Board of Radiology

    American Board of Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology

    American Board of Radiology - Vascular & Interventional Radiology

  • Hospital & Practice

    Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center

    Languages: English/Spanish

    (714) 537-5160

    12601 Garden Grove Blvd

    Garden Grove, California 92843

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  • Publications & Memberships

    Dr. Michael Arata has contributed to 3 publications.

    Neuroendocrine Responses to Transvascular Autonomic Modulation: A Modified Balloon Angioplasty in Multiple Sclerosis Patients.

    Arata M Sternberg Z; Horm Metab Res. 2015 Mar 19 .

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    Transvascular autonomic modulation: a modified balloon angioplasty technique for the treatment of autonomic dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients.

    Arata M Sternberg Z; J Endovasc Ther. 2014 Jun .

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    Blood pressure normalization post-jugular venous balloon angioplasty.

    Sternberg, Z.,Grewal, P.,Cen, S.,Debarge-Igoe, F.,Yu, J.,Arata, M.; Phlebology. 2013 Nov 21.

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    American College of Phlobology

    Society of Interventional Radiology