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Laryngeal cancer Caused By Exposure to Asbestos

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What Is Asbestos Exposure Related Laryngeal Cancer?

As the asbestos fibers are inhaled, they pass through the larynx and start to accumulate in the laryngeal tissue.

Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure Related Laryngeal Cancer

The symptoms of laryngeal cancer such as hoarseness, a feeling of having a sore throat, ear pain and small tumors on the vocal cords, are noticed at an early stage. Therefore laryngeal cancer can be diagnosed early and an efficient treatment can be applied.

Diagnosis of Asbestos Exposure Related Laryngeal Cancer

The doctor will initially examine the patient and obtain a medical history. If laryngeal cancer is suspected further tests will be done, such as X-ray, MRI or CT scanning. Nasal endoscopy that involves a fiber optic endoscope being inserted through the nostrils in order to visualize the larynx can help observing any abnormal cellular growth on the epithelium of the larynx.

Procedures & Treatment for Laryngeal cancer Caused By Asbestos Exposure

The treatment depends on how advanced the cancer is. Laryngeal cancer is a treatable malignancy. Surgery and radiotherapy may be used in stages 1 and 2. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used in stage 3 of the cancer. If the patient is not well enough to cope with the combination of these treatments, then biological therapy with radiotherapy is the preferred option. Endoscopic resection may be an option, or even a partial laryngectomy. Stage 4 means that the cancer has spread into the surrounding tissues in which case radiotherapy with chemotherapy or biological therapy may be used. Laryngectomy to remove cancer and surrounding lymph nodes, followed by radiotherapy may also be used. In case the cancer has come back, the treatment depends on the treatment had initially. If radiotherapy was used, then a total laryngectomy may be recommended.

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