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    Dr. Huy Le is a radiology specialist from Los Angeles, California. He did his residency in Radiology at Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

  • Education & Training


    Kaiser Permanente Southern California


  • Board Certifications

    American Board of Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology

  • Hospital & Practice

    Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

    Languages: English/Spanish

    (800) 954-8000

    4867 Sunset Blvd

    Los Angeles, California 90027

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  • Publications & Memberships

    Dr. Huy Le has contributed to 3 publications.

    Estimation of coronary artery hyperemic blood flow based on arterial lumen volume using angiographic images.

    Molloi, S., Chalyan, D., Le, H., Wong, J. T.; Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2012 Jan.

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    Quantification of fractional flow reserve based on angiographic image data.

    Wong, J. T., Le, H., Suh, W. M., Chalyan, D. A., Mehraien, T., Kern, M. J., Kassab, G. S., Molloi, S.; Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2012 Jan.

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    Segmentation and quantification of materials with energy discriminating computed tomography: a phantom study.

    Le, H.Q., Molloi, S.; Med Phys. 2011 Jan.

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