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    Dr. Gregory Klinke is a radiology specialist from Sacramento, California. He has been practicing medicine for two decades. Dr. Klinke graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch. He completed his internship at the University of Texas Medical Branch Hospitals and two residency programs at the Rochester General Hospital and the University of California Davis. He is a board-certified specialist in diagnostic radiology. Dr. Klinke has a proven interest in the research field. He has managed to publish several studies in collaboration with other experts in the medical field. Some of the topics he focused on include vascular lesions in the neck and head, the evaluation of composite restorative material Evicrol, workplace evaluation for reclining patients with seated treatment. Dr. Gregory Klinke received the Meaningful Use Stage 1 Certification. He is currently affiliated with the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center in Sacramento.

  • Education & Training


    University of Texas Medical Branch

    Medical School


    University of Texas Medical Branch Hospitals



    Rochester General Hospital



    University of California Davis


  • Board Certifications

    American Board of Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology

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    Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center

    Languages: English/Spanish

    (916) 688-2000

    6600 Bruceville Rd

    Sacramento, California 95823

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  • Publications & Memberships

    Dr. Gregory Klinke has contributed to 3 publications.

    MRA depicts vascular lesions in head and neck.

    Monajati, A., Spitzer, R. M., Klinke, G.; Diagn Imaging (San Franc). 1995 Oct.

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    [Clinical studies aimed at evaluating the composite restorative material Evicrol, in place from 2 to 3 years].

    Buth, K., Janik, G., Janik, G., Klinke, G.; Stomatol DDR. 1982 Feb.

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    [Evaluation of the workplace for the almost exclusively seated treatment of reclining patients].

    Buth, K., Klinke, G.; Stomatol DDR. 1984 Apr.

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