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    Dr. Elizabeth Hosfield graduated the medical school from the University of Virginia School of Medicine and completed her residency program at the UCSF. She is specialized in pathology and board certified in anatomic & clinical pathology. Dr. Hosfield has been in practice for more than 11 years and is affiliated with the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center. During her career, she has also contributed to four publications of medical interest.

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    University of Virginia

    Medical School




  • Board Certifications

    American Board of Pathology

  • Hospital & Practice

    Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center

    Languages: English/Spanish

    (510) 752-1000

    3772 Howe St

    Oakland, California 94611

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  • Publications & Memberships

    Dr. Elizabeth Hosfield has contributed to 3 publications.

    Genomic profiling of malignant phyllodes tumors reveals aberrations in FGFR1 and PI-3 kinase/RAS signaling pathways and provides insights into intratumoral heterogeneity.

    Liu, S. Y.,Joseph, N. M.,Ravindranathan, A.,Stohr, B. A.,Greenland, N. Y.,Vohra, P.,Hosfield, E.,Yeh, I.,Talevich, E.,Onodera, C.,Van Ziffle, J. A.,Grenert, J. P.,Bast...; Mod. Pathol.. 2016 Jun 04.

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    Disseminated intravascular large B cell lymphoma with slowly decreasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

    Garg, A., Hosfield, E.M., Brickner, L.; South Med J. 2011 Jan.

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    Squamous metaplasia of the ovarian surface epithelium and subsurface fibrosis: distinctive pathologic findings in the ovaries and fallopian tubes of patients on perito...

    Hosfield, E.M., Rabban, J.T., Chen, L., Zaloudek, C.J.; Int J Gynecol Pathol. 2008 Oct.

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