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    Icahn at Mount Sinai

    Medical School


    Staten Island University Hospital



    North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System


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    American Board of Radiology

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    WellStar Kennestone Regional Medical Center

    Languages: English/Spanish

    +1 770-793-5000

    677 Church St

    Marietta, GA 30060

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  • Publications & Memberships

    Dr. Aaron Cann has contributed to 3 publications.

    Community-Based Multidisciplinary Computed Tomography Screening Program Improves Lung Cancer Survival.

    Miller, D. L.,Mayfield, W. R.,Luu, T. D.,Helms, G. A.,Muster, A. R.,Beckler, V. J.,Cann, A.; Ann. Thorac. Surg.. 2016 Feb 16.

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    Visualization techniques in computed tomographic coronary angiography.

    Sirineni, G.R., Kalra, M.S., Pottala, K.M., Syed, M.A., Tigges, S., Cann, A.D.; Curr Probl Diagn Radiol. 2006-11-01.

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    Imaging of acute pulmonary emboli.

    Khan, A., Cann, A.D., Shah, R.D.; Thorac Surg Clin. 2004 Feb.

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