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Mesothelioma DR Leadership Team & Staff

At MesotheliomaDr, our mission is to help patients find the best doctor and the best hospital for their condition. We empower patients and their loved ones to search for those experienced doctors who meet their needs. We provide the information needed to make more informed decisions. Mesothelioma expert physicians can also rely upon MesotheliomaDr to connect them with patients and correctly represent their practice online. We work closely with doctors as we share their outlook for a more dedicated care system for asbestos lung cancer patients.

The Team Behind MesotheliomaDR

The mission and goal of MesotheliomaDr are to unite doctors, specialists with those that may suspect they have lung cancer caused by asbestos. This website is for families.

Stan G.

Owner of MesotheliomaDr

As the Administrative HR Coordinator, I am responsible for all areas of employee life cycle. I provide administrative support to all team members.

Ciprian O.

Administrative & Human Resources

I coordinate programmers, designers, developers, content writers, editors to integrate a variety of content to attain a compelling website and positive user experience.

Hilda O.

Project Manager

My job is working on front and back-end architecture. I create new websites, maintain old ones, and implement templates from designs.

Ionut B.


Writing is a hobby since 2006. I like my job because I get to learn a lot of new things in various fields as I'm writing content.

Ioana S.

Medical Writer

My job entails performing detailed analysis of data to efficiently sort relevant from irrelevant to bring about the most effective outcome.

Kriszta S.

Analysis and Medical Research

My key skills are web and web app design and graphic and logo design. My primary goal is to create great user experiences.

Alexandru C.

UI & UX Designer

My key responsibility is communication the strategy designed to increase Doctor acquisition. I create and manage campaigns and use appropriate customer acquisition plans.

Erika M.

Research and Doctor Acquisition

I assist the team in creating community needs evaluation and medical staff profile. I organize physician recruiting actions through identifying and recruiting doctors.

Florin T.

Research and Doctor Acquisition

I am a full-time writer with an emphasis on results. I love my job for everything it has to offer on a daily basis.

Alexandra G.

Content Creator and Organizer

As a project solution specialist, I work on the development of websites from UX and graphic design and on customizing projects.

Cornel P.

Backend & Frontend Developer

My job is designing and implementing web components. I write high-quality feature specifications and execute the transition of present code to new technologies.

Cristian T.

Web Designer and Developer

Performing analysis, coding, developing and testing existing and new software applications are my main duties. I am responsible for application and system development.

Ionut S.


My goal is to deliver content that represents the customer and keeps the audience engaged and informed. My writing is driven by courage and curiosity.

Violeta M.

Content Creator and Organizer

My key skills are branding, logo design, web design, and digital graphic design. I am proficient in Powerpoint, FX Presenter, Keynote, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

Veronica M.


I perform research and critical analysis of data. My responsibilities are locating medical providers, documenting data, creating, and reviewing reports.

Anamaria H.

Medical Research

Developing and managing social strategies and content across social profiles are my main responsibilities. I partner across teams to develop customer-centric social content programs.

Vlad B.

Social Media Management