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IMPRINT Technique Successful in Treating Locally Advanced Mesothelioma

A new radiation procedure called intensity-modulated pleural radiation therapy (IMPRINT) can now be safely and effectively.

Posted in: New Treatments October 03, 2016 By Stan Gottfredson Read by 1148 Users

A new radiation procedure called intensity-modulated pleural radiation therapy (IMPRINT) can now be safely and effectively combined with lung-sparring surgery to help mesothelioma patients improve their quality of life and survival time. The procedure is now used by a small number of mesothelioma specialty centers after a whole decade of refinement. The phase II study of IMPRINT revealed the procedure has an acceptably low incidence rate of radiation pneumonitis, which is a potential adverse side effect.


Study Results

45 patients were enrolled at either Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York or MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. Patients received up to 4 cycles of chemotherapy with pemetrexed and a platinum agent. Of these 45 patients enrolled:

  • 27 patients started hemithoracic IMPRINT
  • 9 experienced disease progression before IMPRINT
  • 5 refused surgery or IMPRINT
  • 2 underwent an extrapleural pneumonectomy at the time of surgery
  • 2 had chemotherapy complications
  • 26 patients received pemetrexed plus cisplatin
  • 18 had pemetrexed plus carboplatin
  • 4 received a combination
  • 28.9% achieved a partial response
  • 33.3% experienced progressive disease
  • 1 patient died during chemotherapy, and all others had stable disease
  • 8 patients underwent pleurectomy-decortication or an extended version
  • 13 underwent a partial pleurectomy-decortication

At a median follow-up of 21.6 months, 6 of the 27 patients who started IMPRINT faced grade II radiation pneumonitis, while 2 of them experienced grade III radiation pneumonitis, but all recovered after the initiation of corticosteroids. There were no grade IV or V radiation-related toxicities observed. Median progression-free survival was 12.4 months and median overall survival was 23.7 months. The 2-year overall survival rate was 59% in patients with resectable and 25% among patients with unresectable tumors.

Thus, combining the hemithoracic IMPRINT procedure with chemotherapy and pleurectomy-decortication creates a new lung-sparing treatment modality for patients with locally-advanced, malignant pleural mesothelioma. Physicians hope that this study will encourage more cancer centers and clinics to embrace the IMPRINT technique.

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