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What You Need to Know about Mesothelioma Insurance

Mesothelioma costs can add up quickly and treatments are often expensive. You need to consider the costs almost as soon as you receive your diagnosis.

Posted in: Insurance October 03, 2016 By Stan Gottfredson Read by 1085 Users

Mesothelioma costs can add up quickly and treatments are often expensive. You need to consider the costs almost as soon as you receive your diagnosis. Mapping out a financial plan should begin after deciding on a treatment plan together with your physician, but you should know that you will not be paying the costs completely on your own. You can receive help to pay for your mesothelioma treatments from your health insurance provider, financial assistance programs, Medicare, Medicaid and settlement funds.

However, whatever the case, you need to be prepared to pay your share of the cost. Costs vary greatly in some mesothelioma cases because treatment is tailored according to each patient and their exact needs. Although you can and it is recommended to get an estimate of the treatment cost before you begin, you should keep in mind that these costs will probably change as time passes.

What Factors Can Influence the Cost and How Can My Insurance Help?

Laboratory tests, imaging, respiratory therapy and additional medications are required in all mesothelioma cases and may drive up your costs. Many factors will influence the cost of your treatment, such as:

  • Treatment Setting

The treatment setting can greatly influence your overall mesothelioma cost. Home, clinic and hospital treatments will not be the same and will vary if your disease progresses.

  • Type of Treatments

Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy or multimodal therapy are very expensive and costs vary according to the stage of your disease and your unique needs. Again, these expenses are never the same in 2 different cases. Each patient is unique and requires tailored treatment.

  • Frequency of Treatments

How often treatments are scheduled can also influence your overall costs. For example, in the early stages of mesothelioma, you will require a number of radiation sessions to remove your tumors. Chemotherapy is used in all stages and sometimes simultaneously with surgery to completely remove the cancer cells in one particular area. Depending on your cancer stage, you will require more or less chemo sessions.

  • Duration of Treatment

Your total amount of time needed to complete your mesothelioma treatment will also influence your cost.

Health insurance serves as a contract between a patient and an insurance company that has agreed to pay a portion of the medical costs. Plans today will come in a wide range and differ on how much of the total cost will be covered or exactly what it will cover. Most plans are designed to protect people against serious injuries and diseases, providing financial aid for cancer diagnosis. Most of your mesothelioma costs should be covered by your health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.

Before going on with a treatment:

  • call your insurance provider
  • present you insurance provider your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • ask about what procedures you are covered for
  • ask about deductibles, premiums and co-payments
  • make sure the oncology clinic where you will be undergoing your treatment accepts your type of insurance
  • ask about payment plans and financial assistance If you are going to pay all the bills in a stretch

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