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Why is biopsy needed for a proper mesothelioma diagnosis?

A biopsy is required as it helps doctors confirm the diagnosis of mesothelioma and it consists of a tissue sample taken by your doctor, which is examined microscopically by a pathologist. A biopsy can be done using various methods depending on the area where the abnormal tissue has appeared.

If the cancer is located in the chest, the doctor can perform a thoracoscopy. This procedure allows the doctor to get a tissue sample through a thin tube (thoracoscope), which is introduced in your chest through a small incision. If this procedure cannot be performed, the surgeon might suggest a thoracotomy.

If the cancer is located in the abdomen, the patient will have to undergo laparoscopy. The doctor makes a small incision and gets the tissue sample using a special instrument.

Comments from doctors

  • Performing a biopsy is a definitive way to ensure that the diagnosis is correct.

  • A cytological analysis helps doctors to diagnose the patients but biopsy is necessary in order to confirm the diagnosis.

  • Biopsy consists in a tissue sample or a test of fluid and helps doctors confirm or deny the mesothelioma diagnosis.

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