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What type of doctors will be part of my treatment team?

Several medical professionals might work together in order to improve your health state:

  1. General practitioners: they are the first ones that you get in contact with when you encounter health problems.
  2. General surgeons: likely to meet if you suffer from peritoneal mesothelioma.
  3. Oncologists: they are specialized in diagnosing and treating cancer, usually recommended by general practitioners.
  4. Pulmonologists: doctors specialized in identifying lung conditions.
  5. Radiologists: they play an important role in the diagnostic process by performing the necessary imaging tests.
  6. Thoracic surgeons: they operate on the lungs, esophagus, heart and diaphragm.

We wanted a resource where people who are looking for better help can find it, because one of the issues that I have found is that the diagnosis takes a little bit, some people don’t know if they are diagnosed or not. This is something that it is important enough, that is why I wanted to put the information together.