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What should I do after a mesothelioma diagnosis?

The next step after being diagnosed with mesothelioma is to seek a second opinion. You can contact a cancer center, which is specialized in mesothelioma and they can tell you if your diagnosis is right or not.


Other things you can do after the mesothelioma diagnosis:

Find out more about the disease and the therapies that can help you live longer. The more you know, the better prepared you'll feel.

Discuss the treatment plan with your doctors.

Ask your doctor about financial assistance options.

Find support in your family. This will help you and your loved ones cope with the disease.


Comments from doctors

  • A second opinion is always important when you are diagnosed with such an aggressive disease.

  • Doing some research on the disease and the possible risks and complications of a surgical intervention is very helpful in order to feel prepared.

We wanted a resource where people who are looking for better help can find it, because one of the issues that I have found is that the diagnosis takes a little bit, some people don’t know if they are diagnosed or not. This is something that it is important enough, that is why I wanted to put the information together.