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What factors influence the life expectancy?

The factors that affect a patient’s life expectancy are divided into two categories:

1. Tumor-related aspects:

  • Location of the tumor: There are different types of mesothelioma depending on the placement of the tumor in the body. Patients who suffer from the peritoneal type usually survive longer than the ones who suffer from another form of the disease.
  • Staging: The stage of the cancer is the factor with the highest influence on the life expectancy of the patient.
  • Cell type: Some types of cells, especially the epithelial ones, react better to the mesothelioma treatment than others.
2. Non-tumor aspects:
  • Age: Younger patients have higher chances of long-term survival than the older ones.
  • Gender: It is known that men are more predisposed to the disease than women.
  • Blood characteristics: Some blood cells have been found to influence the life expectancy.
  • General health state: Studies showed that it significantly affects the survival chances of the patient.

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