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What are the possible complications of a malignant mesothelioma surgery?

As it might happen in the case of an affection that requires a surgical intervention, when operating a patient diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma complications can also appear. Bleeding is one of them and if it is too intense, the patient might need more blood transfusions and even an additional surgery. Another possible complication is bronchial stump fistula. Because of these existent risks patients are very carefully selected for surgery and age and other aspects like cardiac, renal and hepatic affections can make the operation impossible.

Comments from doctors

  • Mesothelioma surgeries are complex procedures which involve the removal of the tumor without damaging the nearby structures. Therefore, complications can appear during the surgical intervention.

  • Not all the patients who get mesothelioma undergo surgical interventions. The team of surgeons evaluates with care the health state of the patient before approving surgery as a treatment option.

  • Swelling and drainage are common side effects and doctors deal with them every time a foreign object enters the body.

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