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Is it recommended for patients to enter a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are considered to be in the middle of the medical progress as they help people discover better ways of treatment. However, deciding whether to join a clinical trial or not is the very own choice of the patient and the risk and benefits should be discussed with the doctor in charge. Also, it is important to know that patients who are diagnosed with incurable cancer like mesothelioma would have more benefits than losses by entering a clinical trial as it makes experimental treatments (which are not available otherwise) accessible.

Another aspect that you should take into consideration is that there are still some important risks associated with clinical trials like severe side effects or even life-threatening complications. Moreover, the patients have no guarantee that the treatment they undergo during the clinical trial will be effective.

Comments from doctors

  • For some patients, a clinical trial provides the best chance of treating mesothelioma.

  • Clinical trial allow the doctors to measure the effectiveness of the newest medication in order to obtain a clearer image of the treatment.

  • Clinical trials are the ones that make progress possible. When people enter a clinical trial they help both themselves and the other patients by providing doctors with valuable information.


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