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Is it necessary to take CT contrast or dye even if I can be allergic to it?

Contrast material is necessary for a clear image in a CT scan, as the substance makes the image more detailed. However, because the risk of an allergy or adverse reaction to contrast material does exist, it is wiser to take some precautions.

Start by informing the doctor about previous adverse reactions to contrast materials, but also about medical history events like known allergies (food allergies, hay allergies etc). Diseases like a heart condition, asthma, kidney problems etc, are important to mention. Also, informing the medical staff about physical states like dehydration and recent surgeries should be of use while preparing for a CT scan.

Current use of medications, especially Beta blockers, NSAIDs, etc- must be acknowledged by the people preparing a patient for CT scanning.

Even if there might be a risk of adverse reaction or allergy to contrast dye, it doesn't necessarily mean the contrast materials will cause significant harm. There are also medications that can sometimes be given before an imaging exam to lessen this risk.

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