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Is chemotherapy treatment necessary for patients diagnosed with mesothelioma?

Chemotherapy is usually the primary treatment for patients diagnosed with pulmonary cancer or mesothelioma and it is also recommended after a surgical intervention in order to remove the remaining cancerous cells. Patients can expect a partial effect of the chemotherapy or at least a stability of the disease. However, chemotherapy is a known remedy for mesothelioma and some chemotherapy agents have even proved to increase the rates of survival.

Chemotherapy medication usually consists of combinations of more drugs that are administered during the treatment process. Anyhow, the ideal treatment method for each patient is established by the respective team of doctors of the patient and it depends on a lot of aspects like age, health state, type of mesothelioma, cancer stage.

Comments from doctors

  • Chemotherapy ameliorates the symptoms of mesothelioma by reducing the size of the tumor and extending the life expectancy.

  • The purpose of this type of treatment is to kill cancerous cells and reduce the size of the tumors. It works by attacking the cells who divide and spread quickly.

  • Chemotherapy cannot treat mesothelioma but it is necessary in order to ameliorate the symptoms and to improve the quality of life.

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