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How successful is mesothelioma surgery?

Surgery has proved to be a little disappointing as the median survival after a surgical intervention is only 11.7 months. However, when used with radiation and chemotherapy the results are more satisfying.

Pleurectomy is the most frequent surgery that doctors perform in order to treat mesothelioma and it consists in the removal of the chest lining. If the tumor is located at the level of the pericardium a pericardiectomy can be performed as a curative method but if the tumor has already metastasized it becomes a palliative treatment option. Most of the times the tumor cannot be removed entirely.

We wanted a resource where people who are looking for better help can find it, because one of the issues that I have found is that the diagnosis takes a little bit, some people don’t know if they are diagnosed or not. This is something that it is important enough, that is why I wanted to put the information together.