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How is malignant mesothelioma treated?

Malignant mesothelioma tends to spread along nearby surfaces instead of growing as a single tumor. Therefore, surgery or radiation can fail to get rid of it completely. Sometimes, alternative and palliative procedures might be useful in alleviating some of the symptoms.


Discuss Treatment Options

After the diagnosis, your doctor or your treatment team will discuss your possible treatment options with you. There are factors that determine the type of treatment, such as:

  • The location and the extent of cancer;
  • Whether it has spread to other organs;
  • The patient's current state of health.


Considering these factors, your treatment options may include one or more of the most common approaches to treating mesothelioma:

  • Surgery;
  • Radiation therapy;
  • Chemotherapy.


Consider Taking Part in a Clinical Trial

Sometimes, carefully controlled research studies and newer treatments can be available for mesothelioma patients. Clinical trials are a good way for doctors to discover better treatment methods and a chance of improvement for your health. Consider learning more about clinical trials by asking your doctor.

Think About Complementary and Alternative Methods

Complementary methods for relieving the pain can include vitamins, herbs, supplements etc and may or may not be recommended by your doctor. They are used along with the medical treatment. Alternative methods may try to replace the classical medical treatment. Even if mesothelioma is a physical disease, some may take into account the fact that a disease can manifest and even be cured at other existential levels, like psychological and spiritual, according to a more holistic approach.

Before deciding which approaches and methods you will want to try for treating mesothelioma, it is recommendable to gather as much information as possible. Consulting more sources or at least asking for a second opinion may be useful for an informed decision on your part. 

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