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Does smoking cause mesothelioma?

No, smoking has not been proved to cause mesothelioma. However, smoking can reduce the effectiveness of the cancer treatment and therefore, if you are a smoker one of the best things you can do is quit. Researchers have discovered that people who keep smoking after being diagnosed with cancer can feel more pain than the ones who never smoked. 

Moreover, the patients who won’t stop smoking have a higher risk of cardiac and pulmonary complications when undergoing a surgical intervention. Smoking is also known to prevent the healing of the wounds and to increase the risk of infection.

Comments from doctors

  • No relationship has been proved between smoking and mesothelioma. Smoking is known to be a lung cancer cause.

  • Smoking cigarettes is not a known cause of mesothelioma but researchers have discovered that it has a multiplying effect on the disease. This means that mesothelioma turns into an even more severe affection if the patient keeps smoking after being diagnosed with this type of cancer.

  • There are cigarettes, which contain asbestos in the filter and that might lead to mesothelioma but tobacco is not a cause of this disease.

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