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Are clinical trials for pleural mesothelioma treatment available?

The majority of patients diagnosed with mesothelioma suffer from this type of cancer. Consequently, there are significantly more treatment options they can explore in clinical trials. Because pleural mesothelioma is the most encountered type of mesothelioma, as opposed to its pericardial and peritoneal forms, the research conducted with the purpose of discovering alternative treatment options have been more conclusive.

Although the effectiveness of treatment approaches available in the clinical trial has not been properly assessed yet, they often seem to improve the patient’s quality of life, as well as their prognosis.

We wanted a resource where people who are looking for better help can find it, because one of the issues that I have found is that the diagnosis takes a little bit, some people don’t know if they are diagnosed or not. This is something that it is important enough, that is why I wanted to put the information together.