Mesothelioma Aromatherapy Alternative Treatment

Mesothelioma cancer treatment brings in its wake a diverse range of symptoms such as unremitting pain, nausea, ulcers, hair loss, nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, weakness and so many others. The disease is fatal and manifests after a long gestation period of 20 to 50 years. The diagnosis may come at a late age and an advanced stage leaving restricted options for treatment. Management of the disease remains a key factor whether one opts for traditional therapies like mesothelioma surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation or not. A number of complementary non-traditional treatments also exist and are reported to provide relief from the pain, discomfort, fear, and anxiety that often accompany a mesothelioma diagnosis.

The science of smell reduces stress

Acupuncture, massage, reflexology, homeopathy, and Shiatsu are some popular alternative therapies used in treating mesothelioma cancer. Another non-traditional treatment is Aromatherapy, a science that has been around for thousands of years and works on the sense of smell. It is well known that the olfactory nerve is connected to the brain and the brain controls the entire gamut of body functions, including the heart rate, hormones, and breathing. Stress, as well as a sense of inner peace and well being is also a felt sensation that emanates from the brain.

The sense of smell undoubtedly affects us as evidenced by the fact that a strong, acrid smell is known to disturb us while pleasant smells inspire good thoughts and lull us. Scientific studies like scans of the brain prove this actuality and make aromatherapy a viable therapy to manage various bodily sensations. Some representative herbs and their benefits from an extensive aromatherapy database of the same are mentioned below.

Aromatherapy herbs& fragrances used in mesothelioma:


Chamomile: scent like apples

Rose Geranium: citrus and rose fragrance


Note: One study demonstrated that jasmine in the air caused computer operators to make fewer mistakes.

Lavender: sweet and floral scent


Aromatherapy is very individual-specific; in other words, each person reacts to it differently. It is advised that instructions be followed implicitly and products made with real essential oils be used. Undiluted oils may be too strong when used directly on the skin and may cause burns. Aromatherapy may be a wonderful way to calm yourself during this difficult time and create the proper mind set to be receptive to traditional medical practices while lessening the side effects.



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